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We are Alfed Members!

The Aluminium Federation (Alfed) collaborates with businesses and stakeholders to foster innovation, promote best practice and champion the industry’s interests. This is an integral link to the UK Aluminium community and helps uphold industry standards and recognize market trends. The Aluminium Federation is widely recognized as a standardized platform for manufacturers and suppliers within the aluminium trade.

As a member with Alfed we are able to put forward our suggestions, concerns and ideas with other like-minded industry professionals as well as gaining valuable insights into any relevant trends. We are also able to keep abreast of any legislation changes or proposals as well as having a channel to voice our opinions on these important matters.

Being a member also gives us access to training opportunities to ensure that all of our staff are competent and in the best position to provide customer service at the highest level. This helps us to make sure that we are working with the best interests of our customers at all times.

Regular events are held throughout the year that give us the opportunity to network with other industry professionals and review the latest news within the UK Aluminium community.

Spartal is dedicated to working to industry standards and best practice, so being a member of the Aluminium Federation goes hand in hand with our commitment to evaluate our methods and procedures on a regular basis and ensure we are compliant in every aspect of our manufacturing processes.

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