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Made in Britain

At Spartal we are extremely proud to be a UK manufacturer of drawn aluminium tube. We take pride in our manufacturing techniques that have been developed and refined to assure consistently high quality control. It also provides our customers with confidence and reduces supply chain risk. Site visits are encouraged to review production capability and to discuss programme requirements. Our customer service team is dedicated to ensuring that we provide an efficient and reliable service and customer satisfaction is paramount. We offer short lead times and flexibility to tailor our service to the individual customer requirements.

Production employees live within a fifteen mile radius and most have been with the company for many years. We are very keen to support our local economy as well as the broader UK market. We work with approved sub-contractors that are close by, which helps logistically as well as supporting local businesses and ensuring we can maintain strict controls on quality. This in turn also helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Nearly 80% of the aluminium used at Spartal is sourced from within the United Kingdom. As a result, most customers will see no logistic impact from Brexit. This also means that there would be no import duty impact, which maintains our product cost effectiveness. Along with this, we also recognize the environmental benefit from reducing transport emissions. We have full traceability on all aluminium throughout the business ensuring the strictest adherence to quality requirements.

UK manufacturing remains a strong sign of quality and stability for consumers which is exactly what Spartal represents. We are able to offer quality driven products at competitive prices that our customers have full visibility of throughout the manufacturing process. We also export to many countries worldwide. Spartal are able to assist with the individual certifications and logistics involved in this.


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