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Experience Matters!

At Spartal we produce components that go on to be implemented for an very diverse range of end uses. Some examples of the markets we operate in and what the product is used for are: Automotive (components for motorcycle/car parts), Aerospace (aircraft components), Defence (decoy flare tubes), Sports and Leisure (sailing, kayak components), Health (surgical equipment) and Science & Technology (sample vial containers) to name just a few.

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With all of these applications, the accuracy is extremely important and the margin for error is very slim. As an example, the consequences could be far reaching if we were to produce a poor-quality tube that was being used as a component for a car or other vehicle. Similarly, with elements within the Defence and Health sector, the end user needs to be able to rely on the quality of their item to ensure the safe completion of tasks. As a result of needing absolute quality within exacting standards, our employees are continually learning and refining their skills.

Our production team at Spartal have a huge wealth of knowledge. This expertise has been gained over decades working within the industry. Led by our Production Manager John Aubrey, who has been with the company over 35 years, the team strive to complete jobs accurately and on schedule. Shared experience helps guide new projects and tailor service to ensure the customer requirements are always met. At Spartal Ltd we are able to offer a wide range of alloys to suit the temper necessary. Additionally, we can also produce prototypes to support new project conception. We pride ourselves on producing reliably accurate products time and time again. Our in house engineers maintain our machinery, they have an in depth understanding of the demands of the business and the imperative need to be fully operational.

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